Our service for your wind turbines

Are you searching for a reliable partner for the maintenance of your wind energy plant?

We offer comprehensive service for the annual safety-related examination, various maintenances, repairs and the maintenance of winches and safety catching devices. We assume the processing of assessments, modifications according to manufacturer specifications and a variety of further services that we have bundled under the term “Tower Service”. We can thereby draw on more than ten years of experience. Please feel free to contact us with your enquiries at any time.

Safety-related inspections

We make sure that the safety-related fixtures and components of your wind energy plant comply with all legal and safety-related requirements so that you can minimize safety and malfunction risks. Our service technicians are certified according to various manufacturer specifications for this purpose. For each inspection we provide a comprehensive documentation.

The safety-related fixtures and components are checked annually with regard to the currently valid safety standards, accident prevention regulations and manufacturer specifications:

  • Personal fall protection gear
  • Rescue devices / descending devices
  • Lifting equipment and load handling devices
  • Lifts
  • ladder and climbing protection systems
  • Climbing aids
  • Fire extinguishers
  • First aid equipment
  • Fire protection systems
  • personal achnor points

Repair service

If repairs or possibilities for improvement are detected during a safety-related inspection, we will promptly draw up a corresponding offer. Smaller defects can be removed by our team on site, which saves you unnecessary standstill times. In addition to this, we will of course also accept any of your further repair enquiries.

We can also guarantee quick reaction times during complex measures thanks to our close cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers.

Specialists will execute all repairs according to the currently valid manufacturer’s specifications.


We will support you during the interior furnishing assembly of your plants when it comes to safety engineering.

This could involve service elevators, ladder systems, climbing protection systems or load handling devices.

Tower service

We have bundled a number of additional services under the term “tower service” including support during ZÜS (approved monitoring center) inspections as well as the execution of startup operations or tower cleaning. 

Tower service begins with the startup operations of a wind energy plant. We offer support during the initial inspection in order to detect and eliminate any safety-related deficiencies early on.

In addition to this, we also offer an all-round service concerning the “TÜV“ (German Association for Technical Inspection) inspections and service elevator checks.

We organize the annual “TÜV“ appointments and support the expert on site. 

If operating liquids such as motor or gear oil leak, it’s necessary to locate the source and take quick and effective action – that’s why it’s our job to clean the interior and exterior of your towers. 


Regular maintenance that complies with all applicable guidelines helps avoiding mistakes or breakdowns in your wind energy plant. Our experienced service technicians possess extensive and type-specific knowledge.

Among other things, maintenance includes the screwing together of the flange joints, the nacelle and the rotor as well as the gearbox. Transformer maintenance and generator alignment are also permanent features of our maintenance portfolio.

Modifications according to manufacturer’s specifications

Large and small problems can occur during the life cycle of a wind energy plant that endanger its safe and constant availability.

We work together and help our customers during the processing of safety-related modifications.

Our flexible and trained service technicians can quickly and adaptively apply their knowledge after their project-specific practical training and will help you ensure the high availability of your wind energy plant.

hoist and safety devices

Legal and safety regulations include the annual inspection of winches and safety devices. In addition to the inspection, our trained service technicians can replace smaller wearing parts directly on the wind farm (Tractel grab train and DualLift certified). 

We have our own workshop if maintenance of the equipment is due or if a repair is required (Tractel Greifzug and DualLift certified).The general overhaul will always be carried out by the respective manufacturers. To bridge the processing time by the manufacturers, we offer an exchange pool of winches and safety devices (so-called ring exchange).

Assessment work

An expert surveyor will document the actual condition of your wind energy plant within the framework of a plant inspection. A catalogue of measures to process the ascertained defects will result from this inspection. 

Qualified personnel will execute the processing of the defects according to the currently valid manufacturer’s specifications.

We will create a before and after documentation for you after the work is completed.


In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also realize new developments or optimizations together with our customers or on our own initiative for safety in and around wind energy plants.

Rung protection on ladders in wind energy plants is also part of our developments and counteracts damage to ladder rungs.

personal anchor points

The personal anchor points during the wind turbine areas tower, nacelle, rotor hub and drive train have to be checked annually. The examination is also necessary after extraordinary events and in case of damage.

Our company has been certified
according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Your partner for service, maintenance, cleaning and inspection according to UVV