As a top priority at P&S Service GmbH are safety and environmental protection

The P&S service advantage

P&S Service GmbH’s top priorities are safety, environmental protection and precise management. In order to perfect our service for you, we are constantly endeavoring to improve our services in safety, environmental protection and management.

Our qualified and experienced service technicians will be happy to take care of your wind energy plant. They are regularly trained according to manufacturers’ specifications, our own internal specifications or, upon request, above and beyond these specifications so that you can count on the best quality from our employees and be sure that they are always working up to date.

Of course we make sure that, for the safety of our employees, everyone receives their own intact protective gear, including a helmet, safety glasses, high visibility vest, safety shoes and gloves, as well as a first aid kit and eye wash bottle. We take the word ‘personal’ very seriously. Every one of our service technicians can choose the most comfortable safety harness for themselves.

Our employees have been trained for all kinds of wind energy plants and our service technicians precisely use this knowledge for the proactive early detection of damage symptoms in order to save you unnecessary standstill times. Thanks to our excellent management, you can also trust our help when it comes to problems that require quick correction. In order to meet all requirements, we provide highly developed spare parts management with the appropriate parts.   

Our own quality requirements primarily include our reliability and the effective work of our experienced and qualified technicians on site.      

We feel obliged to continuously and sustainably optimize the performance of your wind farm and would like to make sure that your wishes come true as quickly as possible.

Our employees are regularly trained in:

  • GWO Fire Awareness
  • GWO Manual Handling
  • GWO Working at Heights
  • GWO First Aid
  • Occupational health care preventative examinations according to the principles of: G20, G25, G26 and G41
  • Hailo Service Engineer
  • HACA fall protection rails and fall protection runners
  • Avanti ladder and climbing protection system
  • Power Climber Level 1 to 2 (operation, troubleshooting, installation, commissioning and yearly inspection)
  • Power Climber Level 3 (Titan Sherpa hoist)
  • Dual Lift wire rope hoist service and maintenance
  • Qualified training for personal gear to protect from falls
  • Competent person for lifting equipment and load handling devices
  • Screwdriving technology
  • Measuring engineering

If requested by the customer, we can also further train our service technicians for tasks such as offshore assignments.